About us

About us

In 2007, working as an investigator, Ruslan Bzhennikov received the material for the inquiry on the theft of potatoes matter from one of the scientific institutions. During the working process, the future Executive general manager of the LLC “Zolskiy kartofel” met with a researcher of the organization. Asking him about potato farming, he studied the process of growing potatoes. Getting enthusiastic about the idea of growing potatoes, in autumn 2008 Ruslan resigned from the internal affairs bodies, borrowed 200, 000 rubles from his parents, bought potatoes, put them for storage, and after selling gained 384,000 rubles. In spring 2009 he used the money to plant 2 hectares with potatoes and earned up to 600,000 rubles.

From this time, he delved into the activity. He started to increase the planting volumes. He became a regular visitor of seminars, conference, and exhibitions about potato farming. He got acquainted with the admitted scientists in the field of potato farming.

In 2011 he closed his sole proprietorship and opened LLC “Zolskiy kartofel”.
In 2012 his company planted 140 hectares with potatoes and harvested a peak yield. And then he began to rebuild the territory.
Buying potato seeds in Russia as well as in Europe, he found that nearly all of them had had problems with the quality of the material.

In 2013, being invited to a conference in Vladikavkaz, during talks to likeminded people and scientists in the field of potato selection and potato seed breeding he suggested a joint activity on growing premium quality potato seeds.

In 2014 he began to slip from the sale of food potatoes to the cultivation of premium class potato seeds.

The prototype of the reconstruction of the main territory

Development plans until 2024

Implementation of the line for potato processing and packaging 80%
Development of 4 new promising and competitive varieties 85%
Construction of modern seed selection and breeding center 45%

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"We plant with hope,    grow with love,      sell with pride!"

— Ruslan Bzhennikov, General Manager