Included in the State Register for the North-West, Central, Volgo-Vyatsky and West-Siberian regions. This early-season type is perfect for cooking. The stems are low-tall, transition type, semi-erect. The leaves are medium-sized, green and slightly wavy along the edge. The potatoes corollas are medium size and red-violet. The tuber formation is rated as even germination.

The crop yield is 8,4 ton per hectare on the 45th day after the full seedlings, and 10,8 ton per hectare on the 55th day.

The top yield is 27,0 ton per hectare. Marketable productivity is 16,4-19,2 ton per hectare.

The tubers are oblong-oval with shallow eyes. The peel is red. The pulp is yellow.  The taste of potatoes is rated as satisfactory. Resistant to potato cancer and golden potato cyst nematode. Green mass and tubers are moderately susceptible to late blight.

The value of the variety is: resistance to nematodes, yielding power of early ripening, high marketability and preservation capacity of tubers.

Year of listing in register is 2000

  • Marketability: 82-96%
  • Weight of marketable tubers: 56-102 g
  • Starch content: 10,1-15,6%
  • Storability: 93%
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