The main activities of our center:

  • The development of new molecular and biological methods, and biotechnologies
  • Creating new potato varieties
  • Marker-assisted potato selection and genetics
  • Clonal micro-breeding of potato plants and production of mini-tubers
  • Genotyping of potato and crop varieties using DNA-markers
  • The maintaining a collection of potato varieties

We have created and now maintain a collection of potato plants, consisting of 97 varieties and hybrids selected by our specialists, and 19 varieties and hybrids of leading foreign selective and breeding centers. The collection is used for the production of mini-tubers, patent potato seeds and high seed grain reproduction. In this section we present you varieties, already popular on the Russian market, and promising table variety, having good characteristics and taste, and successfully passed the variety tests in the different regions.

The implementation of programs

2019 year

  • A new potato variety “Osetinskiy” has been selected

2020 year

  • The development of 4 new potato varieties

2021 year

  • The development of new potato varieties
  • Construction of a new laboratory in the high level zone

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Профессоров и селекционеров


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Выведенных сортов и гибридов

Our best plant breeders

Our specialists, who work on potato breeding, are professors and scientists of the best agricultural universities in the North Caucasus and Russia. Their qualification is constantly growing, because of foreign traineeships, visiting special seminars and forums.

The IEA laboratory

Our Immuno-Enzyme Analysis Laboratory is equipped with the newest equipment, so we can detect hidden infection with viruses and bacillosis diseases.

Mini-tubers production

We produce disease-free mini-tubers using the aerohydroponic technologies, to sow our potato fields.

Cooperation in science

We have working relationships with 6 best agricultural universities in Russia, and since this year we are planning to cooperate with the best scientists of agricultural universities in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The newest technologies

Our potato analyses, selections and growing are carried out with application of the best technologies and the latest scientific research results.

PCR diagnostics

PCR diagnosis or polymerase chain reaction is one of the most effective and progressive method of disease diagnostics (inherited and infectious).