The harvest of 2019

We are happy to say that the harvest of 2019 turned out to be excellent. The whole yield was free of viruses and diseases. An average of 13-18 potatoes ripened from the one bush. Yielding varied between 250-350 dt/ha. The potato tuber’s size was 15-20 centimeters in diameter. We evenly planted 3 varieties of seeds on the 163 hectares. The potatoes grew up at 1500 meters above the sea level that reduced the risk of diseases and help to isolate potatoes from transmitters.

New equipment

We are on the final stage of starting-up works of the new conveyor line for sorting, washing, drying, and packing potatoes. These new technologies will help us to improve the quality and speed of potato production.

Presentation in RSO Alania

We are happy to say, that on August 29 we successfully presented our products in Vladikavkaz. The 2019 yield of the “Gorsky 17” and “Ossetinsky” varieties has been shown to the participants of presentation. This presentation was attended by the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the head of RSO Alania, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture of RSO Alania, and the Rector of the GAU. The presented hybrids were highly praised by GAU specialists and guests.