This middle-early variety is ideal for cooking. The potato plants are medium-tall, transition type and semi-erect. The leaves are medium, open, deep green. The potatoes corollas are medium. The intensity of the anthocyanin coloration of the potatoes corollas inside is medium.

Marketable productivity is 30,5 ton per hectare. It is 4,2 ton per hectare above the Udacha standard.

Tubers are round-oval with a few, medium deep eyes. The peel is yellow. The pulp is light yellow. Resistant to potato cancer. According to the plant selection breeder the tubers are moderately resistant to potato rugose mosaic and veinbanding of potato. Resistant to Potato leaf roll.In the testing from 2019.

  • Marketability: 78-96%
  • Weight of marketable tubers: 160-240 гр
  • Starch content: 11-14%
  • Storability: 98%
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