Included in the State Register for the Central, Volgo-Vyatsky, North-West and Nizhnevolzhsky regions of Russia. Tubers are oval with shallow eyes, the peel is yellow, the pulp is light yellow

The yielding according to the official tests is 18,0–36,0 ton per hectare (maximum is 37,0 ton per hectare).

The taste of potatoes is rated as good. Green mass and tubers are moderately susceptible to late blight. Resistant to potato cancer and golden potato cyst nematode. Relatively resistant to virus diseases and Common scab.

Variety value: early maturation of tubers, high yield, taste of potatoes is rated as good, and it is also resistant to nematodes. Year of listing in register is 1995.

  • Marketability: 89-94%
  • Weight of marketable tubers: 90-150 g
  • Starch content: 10-15%
  • Storability: 90%
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