This middle-early, average variety is ideal for cooking. The potato plants are tall, strait, compact. The leaves are large, transition type, green and angular. The number of inflorescences is medium. Swift-flowing variety. The flowers are white. Berry formation is rare.

The average yield of this variety is 36,8-44,5 ton per hectare.

The taste of potatoes is rated as good. Medium soft boiled potato. Storage quality of potatoes is rated as good. The plants are known for having good drought tolerance. Responsive to fertilizers and irrigation. Resistant to potato cancer, golden potato cyst nematode, Late Blight, Ring Rot, Black-leg, Common scab, Rhizoctonia, Potato rugose mosaic and veinbanding of potato. Also resistant to Potato leaf roll. On the testing stage.

  • Marketability: 80-94%
  • Weight of marketable tubers: 90-105 g
  • Starch content: 14,3%
  • Storability: 92%

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