Included in the State Register for the North-West, Central, Volgo-Vyatsky, Central Black Soil, North Caucasus, Middle Volzhsky, Lower Volzhsky, Uralsky, West-Siberian and Far East regions. This variety is very early-season crop.

It is perfect for cooking and suitable for making crispy potatoes in autumn period.

The potato plants are medium tall semi-spreading, cormophytic type. The leaves are small, green,vernicose. The blossoming is medium-intensity and long lasting. The potatoes corollas are red-violet. Tubers are pink with red, shallow eyes. The pulp is white.

Good to medium tuber taste and longevity. The resting period is short. Resistant to potato nematode, common scab, rhizoctonia. Susceptible to late blight by tops and tubers. Medium resistant to bacteriosis. It is relatively heat-and drought-resistant. Variety value: very early bulking, high marketability, resistance to nematode. The year of inclusion in the register is 1993.

On the 60th day after bedding the yield of grocery-ware tubers is 10-12 ton per hectare, and 40-45 ton per hectare in the final digging.

  • Marketability: 90-92%
  • Weight of marketable tubers: 100-120 гр
  • Starch content: 10-12%
  • Storability: 93%
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