Included in the State Register for the Central and Central Black-Soil regions. This middle-early type is suitable for potato crisps making.

The stems are medium-tall and tall, strait and semi-erect. The leaves are medium and large, transition type, green and deep green, slightly and medium wavy along the edge. The potatoes corollas are medium and large, red-violet.

Marketable productivity is 15,9 – 27,0 ton per hectare.

Maximum yield is 43,5 ton per hectare.

Tubers are round-oval with a few, medium deep eyes. The peel is smooth and medium, reddish. The pulp is light yellow.

Immune to potato cancer, not infected with golden potato cyst nematode. Green mass is receptive to late blight and tubers are moderately susceptible to late blight.

Year of listing in register is 2007.

  • Marketability: 83-99%
  • Weight of marketable tubers: 98-144 гр
  • Starch content: 13-19,9%
  • Storability: 91%
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